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Well, after a long delay; my 3d flash FPS will hopefully be released tomorrow...
The only thing delaying it now is waiting for Mochi to accept it for mochiAds... But apparently it only takes about 24 hours for this happen...

I know alot of people don't like advertising at the start of games, but c'mon... I coded the whole 3d engine from the ground up, made all the textures, rendered all the monster animations, composed all the music and so on... gah... so many delays because of university. I was hoping to get this sponsored, but I didn't get any replies... And I got bored waiting... it's more fun to just have the games out there and being played...

A li'l about the game:

The game engine all started with me trying to make a simple polygon based wolfenstein3d engine in AS2... but I found AS2 too slow... ESPECIALLY on my last notebook... So I shifted over to AS3... That's when I coded the GFPS engine demo that I posted on here ages ago... (Generic First Person Shooter Engine)... I expanded the engine to allow height differences in the roofs and floors... rewrote the entire renderer about twice and coded a level editor for the engine in C++ using OpendGL and SDL.
A good map editor really makes things alot easier :D

The game contains 4 different monsters that spawn into the map and 4 different guns... Oh... and 4 Levels to choose from... I guess I was favouring 4 alot when I made this :-/

Well... I hope you enjoy it when it's posted :D

The Complex: finally going to be released

update on current project

2011-02-09 02:46:34 by Kalisme

Yup... still working on that project I should of finished ages ago...
The engine itself is coded, I'm now writing a level editor in c++
using OpenGL and SDL.

Hopefully it will be all done and finished this month...
no promises though.

The basic engine is based off 2d tile maps which are presented as pseudo-3d maps with height differences... sort of somewhere between Ultima underworld and ROTT. There is a simple particle engine for handling blood, gunshots, explosions and gibs, very simple enemy routines... (In short, the enemies intelligence won't blow your mind but will be enough to cause a bit of a challenge).
Maps have a max size of 50x50 tiles.

Well, hopefully I'll post a demo soon.

update on current project

Well I finally released the tech demo for my FPS...
check it out here!

So far it seems the engine ran quite solidly and most of the problems were just the turning/moving speed and texture choices... One comment was about the actual texturing... how it distort when viewed on certain angles, but I don't really mind... It's a common problem caused by "afffine texturing"... It really doesn't bother me to much.

I've also started a blog, so if you wish to follow my projects, comment, or if your interested in helping with a project, feel free to visit and comment.
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Just switched over to AS3

2010-06-27 07:44:26 by Kalisme

I finally made the move to AS3 a li'l over a week ago and so far I'm EXTREMELY happy that I've done this... SO much faster.

I released my first AS3 test here a few says ago; "never ending shooty-thing" (or NEST), which was pretty much a speed test... hence all those blood particles... and it's fun to make explosions of blood =D (or maybe I have issues :P ). I'm happy to see lots of REALLY high scores on the scoreboard.

Currently I'm working on a simple 3d engine in AS3... sort of an advanced wolfenstein3d engine using textured quads.... It's all been coming together pretty quickly thankfully due to my experience with openGL and coding software 3d engines (though this is alot more simple). The map viewer is looking very "playstaion 1" because of the lack of texture perspective correction... but I'm pretty happy with it :)
Alot faster than some of those "flash raycaster" engines I've seen floating around.

I'm trying to take my flash coding a bit more seriously now since I think AS3 is a much more enjoyable and well constructed language... I'm sort of trying to aim for a sponsorship at some stage. Wish me luck I guess.

Just switched over to AS3

Howdy there... this is my first post.

Anywho, after finally releasing Raccoon Crisis on Newgrounds (I finished it ages ago but unfortunately I had problems posting it here)... I'm thinking about starting the sequel... Raccoon Crisis II.

Thankyou to all the people who wrote reviews with suggestions (they will all be taken in for consideration), and please do keep suggesting in reviews or posts here. Feel free to get in contact with me.

The Raccoon crisis II engine will not just be the old one with new code in it... I'm going to completely rewrite the whole thing and it will be a completely different engine... Still 2d mathematics (in the sense that Wolfenstine3D & Doom used 2d Mathematics) portrayed in a pseudo-3d fashion. I refuse to use any of the 3d libraries freely available online... no offense intended, but I prefer to use my own code... otherwise I don't learn anything and feel like a "modder" apposed to a games programmer.

Anywho (once again), here are the specs I want to place into my engine:

-Vector mapped arenas.
Maps are going to be created from lines connecting vectors
to create solid walls. Sprites will still exist in levels and so
far the walls are just untextured and solid coloured. I'm
not phased about texturing right now... I beleive it would
take away from the games speed on my crappy laptop.

-sphere to line collisions for moving objects
Instead of grid based mechanics, I'm hoping to allow the
objects to react to the vector map better.

-Height differences in walls.
Not a big thing, just so the walls aren't all the same size.

-Doors and keys.
Yup... those pesky Raccoons have figured out electric key
and door technology... Sneaky bastards. Doors will slide
into the ground and disappear when opened.

-Inside and outside levels?
Once again, not a big thing... just the removal of the
sky texture and replacing it with a single coloured
shaded square to give the illusion of a roof.

Well, any weapon suggestions would be nice... And anything you'd like to see in it.
I'm KEEPING my keyboard layout... I really do think this is the most efficient layout
for the game considering it will be played on many different kinds of computers.