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The Complex: finally going to be released

2011-06-11 14:11:35 by Kalisme

Well, after a long delay; my 3d flash FPS will hopefully be released tomorrow...
The only thing delaying it now is waiting for Mochi to accept it for mochiAds... But apparently it only takes about 24 hours for this happen...

I know alot of people don't like advertising at the start of games, but c'mon... I coded the whole 3d engine from the ground up, made all the textures, rendered all the monster animations, composed all the music and so on... gah... so many delays because of university. I was hoping to get this sponsored, but I didn't get any replies... And I got bored waiting... it's more fun to just have the games out there and being played...

A li'l about the game:

The game engine all started with me trying to make a simple polygon based wolfenstein3d engine in AS2... but I found AS2 too slow... ESPECIALLY on my last notebook... So I shifted over to AS3... That's when I coded the GFPS engine demo that I posted on here ages ago... (Generic First Person Shooter Engine)... I expanded the engine to allow height differences in the roofs and floors... rewrote the entire renderer about twice and coded a level editor for the engine in C++ using OpendGL and SDL.
A good map editor really makes things alot easier :D

The game contains 4 different monsters that spawn into the map and 4 different guns... Oh... and 4 Levels to choose from... I guess I was favouring 4 alot when I made this :-/

Well... I hope you enjoy it when it's posted :D

The Complex: finally going to be released


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